Hello there!


My name is Melanie and I am a contemporary visual artist based in Singapore. Lee Mei is the name given by my textile artist grandmother and I use it as my artist name. 

As an artist, I love to explore the heart and mind by capturing feelings and thoughts through painting abstractly.

My current abstract paintings are created by allowing the paints to seep into paper with a wild abandoned approach. I use water-based mediums as it allows for light, translucency and elements of uncertainty in my painting process. Thereafter, I bring the colour-soaked papers together through collage layering to form an abstract landscape. 

Through the process of exploring into my heart and mind, I come to embrace parts of myself that are both good and not so good. I also realise that our emotional and mental world is like a vast complex landscape of its own. This process has been liberating and I feel it has allowed for greater self-acceptance and being more connected with myself.

Similarly, through my paintings, I hope to inspire others to embrace a gentle awareness of just being. When looking at the paintings, I invite you to pause and reflect on your surroundings; then listen to your heart by feeling what is present and listen with your eyes.

To me, this makes the experience of enjoying art meaningful.


some memories never
leave your bones. Like
salt in the sea; they become
part of you.
and you carry them
— April Green - Paper Wings